We want to create an extraordinary living doing what we love doing = Aufguss.

We strive towards an internationally connected, commercially succesfull aufguss industry based on world class best practice, with high educational standards, certification and quality assurance.

To ensure unique sauna, wellness and lifestyle experiences on demand or tailored to your needs anywhere in the world – by only the best practitioners.

We supply resources, network, products and know how from idea to delivery at an hourly rate or project basis.

The art of aufguss – is to create an entertaining, wellness and detox experience using water, ice, steam, essential oils and ventilation techniques. Then to fuse it all together in harmony for the enjoyment of all present.
A master of aufguss has the unique ability to guide you through the “extreme” experience in a way that will leave you completely in touch with your body, feeling relaxed and happy.
Aufguss promotes a good health the use of varying temperatures (hot/cold) and essential oils which added together invigorates and stimulates the circulatory, respiratory and immune system.
You really can’t imagine what this experience is like –  if you haven’t been to an aufguss before. It’s not like just going to the sauna, or the spa, or hot yoga – it’s not like anything you’ve ever experienced – that’s a promise!
And then again – if you want to have the ultimate experience – Show aufguss or Sauna theater (ShowGus) – is next level wellness entertainment. We turn the sauna cabin into a theater to create a truly “nothing like you’ve ever seen before” experience. Using everything mentioned above including music, light, costumes, decorations and a very creative imagination.
‘A once in a lifetime experience that might become a regular occurrence, once you get hooked.
“1-2-3 Sauna 3-2-1 family”
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