Aufguss is a German word that translates to “infusion” or “pouring on.” In the context of sauna therapy, aufguss refers to a technique in which a sauna master pours water onto the hot sauna stones to create steam. The sauna master then uses a towel or other object to distribute the steam throughout the sauna, creating a hot, humid environment.

The aufguss process typically involves the use of essential oils, which are added to the water before it is poured onto the stones. The essential oils are chosen for their therapeutic properties and are meant to enhance the sauna experience. The sauna master may also use a towel to create a wave-like motion in the air, which can intensify the heat and humidity in the sauna.

Aufguss is considered an art form and is often performed by trained professionals. It’s popular in Germany and other European countries, where it’s seen as a way to enhance the health and wellness benefits of sauna therapy. The practice is also gaining popularity in other parts of the world, and many saunas now offer aufguss sessions as part of their services.

Aufguss means pouring

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